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Bigger Than Life Entertainment Corporation is a full-service entertainment company specializing in Concert Promotion, Public Relations and Artist Management.

Bigger Than Life Entertainment, Inc. is back in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and ready to make a difference in the world of Boxing. So many promotions companies lie to boxers, telling them what there want to hear to sign them and then under deliver. Don’t help the fighter understand life and allow them to spend too big too quickly. So we have teamed up with CBS Sports Network to put on quality worldwide fights making champions from all over the world America is where we live.

The sport of boxing makes champions, but unlike the World Series in baseball, when you become a world champion… you truly are, as the MLB does not play an actual “world” series because the only play American teams, unlike the world cup of football or soccer, where teams from all over the world play with one team going out of a month long tournament, and boxing when you win the WBC, WBA, IBF or The WBO World Title you are champion of the world 🌎 and we have come up with the Making A Champ Boxing Series focus on finding the best in the world to make them champions on TV. Our first shot at doing what we said we would going to be June 6th 2020 live from Birmingham Alabama.

Please see our Upcoming Events list for more information on the new boxing series.